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Historical Background

The Rider Family settled in Santa Cruz County, after hearing that where Redwood trees grow the soil is good.  This
was sometime before 1880.  Saw mills gave way to apple orchards and in 1948 H. A. Rider & Sons began processing
apples into juice and cider.  Soon the processing aspect dwarfed the fresh apple production.  Today, H. A. Rider &
Sons operates on the original 26 acre site, just North of Watsonville, California.  

Processing Capabilities

H. A. Rider & Sons has the skills and equipment necessary to press a variety of fruits; apples, pears, strawberries,
peaches, cranberries...even watermelon.  Juices can be filtered and/or chilled for bulk transportation to other
facilities.  Beverages, including juices, blends and teas can be packed in glass bottles 10 oz. - 128 oz. or in heat-set
PET 8 oz. - 128 oz. bottles. The finished product may be packed into cases or shrink- wrapped trays.  Organic and
conventional ingredients an be accommodated: organic certification is by Oregon Tilth.  Kosher products are
processed under the supervision of the appropriate Rabbi.

Contact Information :
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